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 A major attraction along the famous Rogue River Trail that is right out the door, Paradise Lodge has numerous well known swimming holes and the ability to hike up (10 min.) to Blossom Bar Rapid to watch rafters navigate the river’s most difficult rapid… and much more. Paradise Lodge is the lodge that is first reached for a soda, candy, ice cream, beer… even for rafters just coming up to say hi; also it’s the first lodge in case of an emergency, after the biggest rapids on the river.
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 Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center was founded as a non-profit corporation in 1981 to provide for the care and treatment of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife, and offer educational programs on wildlife, conservation and the environment. The organization’s clinic, Interpretive Center, and animal holding facilities are located on 24 acres of land adjacent to the wild and scenic section of Oregon's Rogue River.
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  The Oregon Vortex is a glimpse of a strange world where the improbable is the commonplace and everyday physical facts are reversed. It is an area of naturally occurring visual and perceptual phenomena, which can be captured on film.
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 This 44-mile tour begins in the heart of the Illinois Valleyat Cave Junction. Route 46 through the Siskiyou National Forest takes you to Oregon Caves National Monument. Food and lodging are available in the lodge located steps from the caves. Upon leaving the Oregon Caves travel back on Highway 46 to Siskiyou Winery. Turn south on Holland Loop Road and continue to Foris Winery and Bridgeview Winery. Estimated travel time: 3 hours.
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 Oregon Caves National Monument offers family focused opportunities to explore a marble cave, visit a National Historic Landmark (the Oregon Caves Chateau), hike trails through ancient forests, and earn a Junior Ranger Badge.

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