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 Your most important piece of equipment for walking, running, or just being on your feet is your shoes. At Gallagher Fitness Resources you can expect professional assistance from experienced personnel. Get your walking or running form analyzed and eliminate the guesswork when selecting the right shoes. Remember to bring your old shoes with you . . . they tell a story. Experience the difference proper shoes can make. When your feet are happy, you are happy.
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 Welcome to our store…Your arrival will always be met with a warm greeting and friendly conversation. A visit to Amish Workbench Furniture and you'll know the uncompromising quality of our Amish, Shaker and Juried Handcrafts. Be sure to view our entire collections, especially the Craftsmanship and Products pages, which will give you a new appreciation for these outstanding handcrafted treasures.
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 With its lush rural setting, the village of Aurora welcomes visitors with a glimpse into the 19th century. As Oregon's first National Historic District, the town's distinctive original architecture is home to a first-class museum complex and an unrivaled antique shopping experience that earns its designation as the state's antique capital.
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 Welcome! It has been a great summer, but autumn is our favorite time of the year. We spend all summer harvesting the many different fruits and vegetables we grow so that once autumn arrives it's time to have some fun. If you've never been to our farm during the fall they you are missing out on a great time for your while family.
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 The company still operates at its original location, listed in the National Register. James A. Henery owned and operated the business until his death in 1987. The business is currently managed by 3rd Generation owners/operators. We have been part of the Salem Community for over 65 years.

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