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Oregon Coast

You’ll find wonderful retirement communities and real estate options all along the Oregon Coast stretching from the Washington border (Astoria) to the California border (Brookings).

The Oregon coast boasts some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere. Lush evergreen forests atop rugged cliffs frame endless sand dunes and vast sandy beaches for strolling, beachcombing, and exploring tide pools. Enjoy nature's bounty as you dig for clams, fish for salmon or halibut, and pull a pot full of excitement out of the briny depths while crabbing!

Wildlife watching is a never ending source of amusement. Seals delight with their raucous barking and playful antics. Migrating whales will take your breath away as you contemplate the majesty of these amazing giants. Birdwatchers are constantly busy, with such a wide variety of habitats to explore. (Have you ever seen a yellow-footed booby?) The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport is a great place to get an overview of the critters you will meet at the coast.

Retirees enjoy a temperate climate on the coast. Watching a wintertime Pacific storm roll in can be enjoyable to view from in front of a cozy fire. After the storm passes, beach treasures abound, truly gifts from the sea. Best of all, you can enjoy beachcombing or walking your dog in solitude, a far cry from the crowded beach communities of California.

Shopping in Oregon's coastal towns is a popular pastime, with many galleries and boutiques to browse. With extra time now to enjoy their hobbies, retirees will find many stores that cater to products for leisure activities. Come and meet your new neighbors who have chosen retirement on Oregon's picturesque coast!

Oregon Coast:

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